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Pammie 10:16 AM 10-05-2011
Anyone else use portfolios to show the children's learning and growth over the course of an academic year??

I started doing them a few years ago for my 2yo+, and my dcps LOVE them. They get to see that their children aren't necessarily being shortchanged because they don't go to a traditional preK program:-)

I include a copy of our state's Early Learning Content Standards so dcps can see how what their child is learning is going to help them once they get to school. I have pictures of the children doing things like building blocks, playing play-doh, shaving cream drawing, building puzzles, etc.
I include samples of the child's work in areas of:

"My World" - Social Studies
Free Art
Fine Motor
Messy Art

Anyone else use portfolios? What other things do you include??
Heidi 11:56 AM 10-05-2011
I am just starting them again. Haven't quite decided how to format them. I will be looking for ideas along with you! :-)
DaycareMama 02:49 PM 10-05-2011
I haven't done this but I love the idea. Do you just keep it all in a 3 ring binder? Is it always left out for parents to see?
daycare 02:58 PM 10-05-2011
I did it one year and it seemed like the parents could care less.

I thought about using the preschool first program, as it has an awesome way of tracking a childs progress. It seems to be very organized and well put together. It is based off of learning through play. It is not expensive and it also has an area where parents can log onto the site and see how their child is doing at any time. I am thinking about doing this again at the first of the year.

I agree that parents should know that their kid is not getting short changed for being at an in-home daycare. I can't stand it when I hear oh I have to pull out little susie now for her to attend preschool. Well what do you think we do here? lol
Pammie 05:39 PM 10-05-2011
Originally Posted by DaycareMama:
I haven't done this but I love the idea. Do you just keep it all in a 3 ring binder? Is it always left out for parents to see?
I actually use an expandable file with sections for each area.

I send them home for the children to share with their parents in October, January and April. I ask that all of the contents come back each time with the portfolio. Then in May, the portfolios go home to stay
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