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hp2009 11:28 AM 12-16-2012

i am looking for used, running daycare in arizona...

can we get ideas of how may kids in daycare by looking des deposit, scholarship, food deposit?

any thing else need to verify about number of kids...i have other info on license on facility, lease ...

Michael 11:53 AM 12-16-2012
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itlw8 02:23 PM 12-16-2012
tread carefully many people have been burned

you need to make sure they are in compliance with CURRENT rules if they are grandfathered in any rules the new owner will have to follow current rules. that could mean expensive renovations

you have to look at their books to see how much profit they make not just how many enrolled. Is this profit consistant.

I would want an inventory of everything included. Remmber when you buy a business you often buy their reputation mostly if it is bad but have to earn th good.
youretooloud 02:50 PM 12-16-2012
There are almost no privately owned daycare centers in Arizona. There are a few in the lower income areas, and some near bus routes. But, they have been there since the early 70s, and are grandfathered in.

The state of AZ makes it incredibly hard to run a licensed daycare. The chain centers are about the only thing you will find in Arizona other than regulated home child cares.

Some of the smaller towns in AZ (flagstaff, Bullhead city etc) probably have more available.
Breezy 05:13 PM 12-16-2012
Youretooloud what part of AZ are you in?
youretooloud 05:48 AM 12-17-2012
Originally Posted by Breezy:
Youretooloud what part of AZ are you in?
The far North valley.
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