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WImom 12:44 PM 11-05-2010
Okay, I have one part time spot left and two clients that want it. I'm not sure what to do in this situation. (If licensing would go ahead and license me I wouldn't have this problem - it's been 2 months of waiting for final visit with licensor )

(1) 2.5y girl, 4 days a week, 7am-4:15 (set up interview for sat.)
(2) 3y old boy(4y dec.), 4 days a week, 8:00-5:00 (interviewed mom this morning/not boy yet)

my other kids in care are - 1 boy(2y) and 2 girls (2.5y, 3y) and they all leave at 3pm.

I'm thinking option one is better due to age, ending time. Client #2's child would be here 2 hours by himself everyday and is a year older then the other kids.

Client #2 really wants the spot and has looked at several childcare's and mine is the first she's really liked. I'm just not sure if this boy would fit and I'm afraid he would be bored.

So besides trying to sort this out by typing it I was wondering if you've had a situation like this with an older child. Were they bored? I'm not sure what I'd do for two hours with just him here (I have two girls of my own).
DanceMom 12:49 PM 11-05-2010
I don't have a similar option, however if it was ME, I would chose #1.

I know me, if all my dck's left at 3 and I had one still there until 5 would drive me nuts..I would be stuck at home because of only one kid. Id rather have them all gone around the same time.
Crystal 02:14 PM 11-05-2010
I have older children as well and they are not bored, but I am set up as a multi age program.

I think, based on group dynamics, I would go with the first child. You also need to think of the long term and if you aren't plnning to keep older children (transport to school, etc) then the first child would be a longer term client as she won't age out of your program as soon.
Abigail 11:02 PM 11-05-2010
Before you decline the older boy, wait until your interview Saturday and see how it goes. You never know because you have not met either of the children yet from my understanding, just the older boy's parents so far. In either case, just let them know you will let them know in a few days (so you can think about it and they can be sure too). I would also let them know you have one other person who wants the spot, but you are looking to expand once your license comes through. Maybe you can make it a bidding war, lol, and one will offer you more pay for the spot? Maybe one decides they can't even afford the deposit. I would wait before deciding until your interview for the other child. Also, keep in mind it is your business and the ages and hours of the other child fit EXTREMELY well.
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