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tenderhearts 05:43 PM 11-27-2018
I was wondering what you have in your dress up play center? Scarves? shoes? What do they like both boys and girls.
storybookending 06:12 PM 11-27-2018
Tons of old Halloween costumes and props. We once had shoes but they’ve all broken. I actually went to the store on like November 6th and got so many brand new Halloween costumes 90% off!

The fav by far is Mardi Gras beads.
kendallina 07:29 PM 11-27-2018
For the last several weeks it was scarves, princess dresses, kitty dresses (most popular item ever!), shoes and baby dolls. I usually have "boy" dress up stuff too-king crown and cape, magician hat, suit coat but this group is Soo not into those. The boys love princess dresses! Also, pillows and blankets... They get used every day.

Just switched it up today to be pinto beans in sensory table with white pom poms to be hot chocolate with marshmallows. Have a great mug set that I got from Dollar tree. Wooden spoons. Can register. Scarves, dress up shoes but took out dresses.

My current group loves pretend play!
Cat Herder 05:09 AM 11-28-2018
I have capes, masks, boots, hats and career sets (chef, construction, astronaut, doctor, forestry, pilot, police, fire, postal worker, etc).

I also keep play tools, stethoscopes, meds kits, whisk/pot holder, binoculars, postcards (laminated), cell phone, magnifying glass, etc. in that center.
Ariana 06:12 AM 11-28-2018
I got a bunch if used pretty dresses, scarves, interesting hats and purses from a second hand store. I also have lots of halloween costumes (pirate, various princesses, firefighter, chef, doctor etc). Like Cat Herder I also keep some tools in there like phones, telescope, clipboard, boogieboard and pen, dog carrier, dogs and babies and baby accessories. It is a huge box!

I find the purses, hats and backpacks to be used the most by both sexes.
Jupadia 07:19 AM 11-28-2018
I have a ton of hero masks, capes, additional hats (princess, knight, police). As well as a few bracelets. (Need a few more "girl" items). I do have a ton of actual costumes (all hero) that we got from my nephew. They are the right size, but my group is mostly 3 and under (kids go to full time school the year they turn 4) so most of the time I found I was the one always helping them get dressed or dressing them. They have the costumes on for a minute or 2 and want to change. I did try limiting how many changes were allowed if done done by self but the kids still only kept them on a short time. So I separated the masks and stuff from the full costumes. Now the kids play with them every day and I'm not stuck trying to dress them.
tenderhearts 08:37 AM 11-28-2018
Great thank you so much. My fear is my group right now just seems to play more rough with stuff so I fear stuff will get ruined fast. Such as bead necklaces they don't just put them around their neck, it's around their legs and arms, they swing them, they are taken away so much. I always ask, does mommy wear her necklace like that.
BumbleBee 08:51 AM 11-28-2018
Originally Posted by tenderhearts:
I was wondering what you have in your dress up play center? Scarves? shoes? What do they like both boys and girls.
Dollar tree dress up vests and capes.
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