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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Getting a GREAT Start on 2011 Taxes! LOL
Abigail 03:25 PM 01-23-2011
Every year my husband and I donate lots of misc. things from home and never keep track of it. My goal is just to get it out of the house, but now that I accumulated a whole trunk FULL of books, toys, stuffed animals, kitchen glasses, a blender, and much more I decided to write it all down and get a receipt!

I put everything into an excel worksheet and added the fair value after each item so it totaled it up for me at $204.00! Whoopie I also took pictures and have those saved in a file on the computer because I know we'll end up with lots of donations besides monetary ones we try to make monthly. I'm really excited for 2011 taxes now that I'm organized, but not so happy about trying to do 2010 taxes.
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