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Cat Herder 10:23 AM 09-22-2014
Science Center TV. Add brightly colored toy fish, ocean puzzles, fishing pole kits, fish print coloring pages and stamp sets for a fantastic week long theme.

1. Calming music for the high strung.

2. Beautiful scenery for the visually stimulated.

3. Places I can never take them on field trips with wildlife I cannot adequately describe with words alone.

4. TV is on but used in a different way.

5. Later tape a photo of an aquarium scene over the tv when not is use, play music as usual.


What are your ideas??
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KidGrind 10:34 AM 09-22-2014
Go play!
Cat Herder 11:13 AM 09-22-2014
Originally Posted by KidGrind:
Go play!
I love you...

No common sense allowed. "DAP" please.....

(Help out a co-worker (many of us ) who must fill 75+ pages of this *stuff* out by January or get gigged, please....)
Unregistered 11:18 AM 09-22-2014
One of these:

and some window markers. They can make their own shows to watch.
Cat Herder 11:25 AM 09-22-2014
Cool idea Unregistered.

Maybe even gut it and add shelves/storage inside for dress up and mirrors on the sides for acting out their own scenes?

Would the glass be shatter resistant, though? They'd get me on that for sure... How would you replace it if not?

That has me thinking a bit... (I found one they turned into a dog bed)
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Unregistered 11:28 AM 09-22-2014
how about plexiglass instead of the tube?

or a felt board?

dry erase board?

empty and cut out back - they could climb inside and put on own show
Unregistered 11:33 AM 09-22-2014
Shatter resistant mirror?

Ok, I must remember to steal the one in the basement at my parents the next time I visit.
Blackcat31 11:48 AM 09-22-2014
class pet?
.............or make it cozy enough to use as a reading nook. LOL!

Cat Herder 11:55 AM 09-22-2014
Funny BC... I was just adding a photo I found to the post above...

My page had not updated.
Blackcat31 11:57 AM 09-22-2014
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
Funny BC... I was just adding a photo I found to the post above...

My page had not updated.
I would have added it sooner but I was too busy laughing!

How cute is that? And creative too!!
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