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Tin Blues 06:16 PM 02-21-2018
Hi, finally decided to join after 8 years of browsing this forum.
I have a licensed home daycare in Montana.
Michael 12:39 AM 02-22-2018
8 years?! Wow, we welcome you as a member
Blackcat31 08:00 AM 02-22-2018
Mike 08:27 PM 02-22-2018
Like me. I was reading here 4 or 5 years before signing up. Don't have a daycare yet, but it's what I would love to do, maybe soon.
Unregistered 04:27 AM 04-06-2018
Hi, I'm not sure where to write so sorry for off topic (if any). I'm a young mom, who wouldn't like to miss a single moment of motherhood and therefore decided to quit an office job and try freelancing But writing essays about relationships doesn't really give me the feeling of being up to something useful actually.. I was thinking of a home daycare. Where should I start?
johnpegal 09:11 AM 06-08-2018
Wow pretty long time but Welcome board and I'm also joined today
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