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Hoovert12 11:52 AM 03-29-2016
Hi there-I'm fairly new to the daycare world (started in August 2015). I need advice on how to get a child adjusted to daycare that is a2.5 years old and never been in daycare. I was advised by another provider in my area (fairly small town, 14k population) that did an interview with the family before me, that she would not be taking the family as she felt she would be too much work and would not fit in with her group. The grandmother works with my husband so of course I felt inclined to give her a shot (many of my families are people that work with my husband as he works for a bigger employer in the area). Now that she's started..I'm realizing she has not had much discipline or structure and I'm struggling. Any advice? I know the family is completely on board with me, but the dynamics are not typical (it's mom and grandma in her home, mom is a single parent, both new to the area) which I feel is part of the struggle (neither are very assertive or seem to know how to follow through on disipline etc.) any advice aside from run for the hills would be great!:-)
NoMoreJuice! 12:06 PM 03-29-2016
I've trained many new kids to daycare and I assure you it's much harder to train the parents than the children. Stay consistent and keep enforcing rules for both. Once you get to know the child's personality it will be much easier to help them adapt to your style of care. Good luck!
Michael 12:36 PM 03-29-2016
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Ariana 01:14 PM 03-29-2016
I have a 6 week trial period where I give the child a try and if things are not working out they are terminated without notice. During the 6 weeks I find I can tell whether a child is susceptible to rules or not and if they are then great I keep them but if they aren't I let them go. It is very hard to train a child who is not able to follow rules especially this late in the game at 2.5 yrs.

My only advice is to stick with your rules and be VERY firm. Try to get the parents on board as much as possible as well but the child should understand that your house has different rules than at home.
Thriftylady 03:38 PM 03-29-2016
Be consistent! Kiddo is old enough to learn and will learn that daycare is different than home. It will take some time, but it should work itself out. If not, you can always term, but I would give it some time first. As someone else said, it is much easier to get the kiddos to change than the adults.
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