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Abigail 06:17 PM 05-03-2011
Now I have nearly 20 felt stories/songs/poems to share with the children. I also have two LARGE 2 by 3 foot story boards. One story board background is an image of outdoors and the other is indoors to accommodate an inviting background for the majority of my felt stories.

I am thinking about actually framing the story board itself in a manner that is easily accessible for when I want to change the outdoor image to the indoor image to just simply a plain blue color, etc. I am thinking about choosing a frame to place this large story board inside so I can mount it on the wall about shoulder height as if it were a tv on the wall. I think it would make a wonderful wall decor item in the daycare room.....what do you think?

I am also thinking about investing in medium sized storage bags with handles and printing the name of the story and the company I purchased it from (for future reference because I buy from different websites) directly on the clear plastic bag. If I go this route, then I can hang them on the wall by figuring out how to display them. What type of object would you be able to find to hang about 1-2 feet of space? I am thinking maybe purchasing a white wire shelf that is the shortest from anywhere and then I can hang these storage bags on them as if they're a clothing on a hanger and then have the added benefit of a shelf. Do you like this idea?

Do you have any other storage/display ideas for felt stories? I'm trying my best to be creative yet not waste space or use lots of time to constantly organize them and "switch out" sets. Keeping everything in one easy-to-access place is perfect for my OCD. LOL
Christian Mother 01:54 PM 05-04-2011
I like your ideal very much!! It is very organized and you can keep track so if something gets lost or broken or stolen at least to can go back to the sight and purchase a new one or at least call to see if the company can mail you out what you are looking for from that group.

I went to Michael's last week and they where saleing felt boards kits in all kinds of diff. themes. I think for $7.99 not bad...even ABC's and 123's!!

That's on my wish list right now!!
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