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legomom922 08:16 AM 04-07-2011
My city/town taxes are paid in Oct every yr for the following yr, and covers the period of July-June.

So in Oct 2009, I paid the tax for July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010

In Oct 2010, I paid teh tax for July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011

I went into business June 2010.

So would this mean I would be unable to claim any business portion for the month of June 2010 because it was paid Oct 2009?

Or, can I just take the amount I paid in Oct 2010, divide it by 12 then multiply it for 7 months which would be for June1-Dec 31, 2010?

The amount of yearly tax went up in 2010, so its different tha what I paid in Oct 2009.

I have a feeling I am out of luck for the month of June 2010.....
TomCopeland 11:38 AM 04-08-2011
Deduct taxes in 2010: Use the October 2010 bill for the tax for the second half of the year. Use the October 2009 bill for the tax for the first half of the year.
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