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daycare 11:48 AM 04-10-2011
I offer a free parents night out twice a month for all of my enrolled families. Can I take this as a tax write off and if so where to I calim it in MMK????

Thanks so much...
cheerfuldom 01:10 PM 04-10-2011
FREE?! I don't know the answer to your question but wow, that sounds good for the parent. I don't do anything for free.
daycare 01:25 PM 04-10-2011
I know I am crazy... but you know what... I love doing it... I teach a preschool program and are always on a scheduled routine of things that I never have carefree days with the kids where I am not always running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get it all in on a daily basis.,

My free parents night out gives me a chance to play carefree fun with the kids and gives the parents a night to reconnect... I love it and so do my parents.... Plus the kids think I am crazy when they see me not in the teacher role, but their playmate friend role....

I think that I might add it to my time space other activities????
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