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daycare 03:50 PM 04-12-2011
I am trying to rewrite this and needed some help with wording. I want to ask that if a child is ill and needs to seek medical attention that a doctors note wtih diganosis must be submitted to the provider before the child can return to care...

this is what I have now and i need to change it:

In the case of a suspected contagious disease or continuing symptoms, a doctor’s note is required before your child is permitted to return to daycare. As soon as your doctor determines that your child has a communicable disease, you must inform me immediately.

But this is only for contagious disease, I want it for all purposes in which a child needs to seek out medical treatment.

Example: I had a kid that would throw up every other day or skip a week and then puke. Parents said oh he has gag reflux.. I finally told parents I need him to go to the doc. and get a note stating so or I will continue to send him home every time he pukes.....
Michael 03:53 PM 04-12-2011
Some other threads on Doctor's Note:
daycare 03:59 PM 04-12-2011
lol I just found my old one..

Illness: Please do not bring your child into child care if he or she is acutely ill. If your child is just “not feeling well” an interview will occur with you upon your arrival and a determination to accept your child for the day will be made at that time. If I accept your child I reserve the right to call you and have you pick up your child if:

The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in daily activities and/or
The illness results in a greater need for care than can be provided
Please review a copy of our Exclusion guidelines.

Should you be asked to take your child to the Doctor, a Doctor’s note stating the child’s diagnosis and treatment plan will be required before the child can return to child care.
Should your child be placed on antibiotics your child may return to child care after a minimum of 48 hours of
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