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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>"Fever" in 7 month old
BumbleBee 03:30 PM 12-12-2013
Dcg is 7 months old. Today she was fine all morning, playing well, eating well, her normal happy self.

After her 2nd nap she wasn't as active as normal and had glassy eyes & rosy cheeks. Took her temp and it was 99.7. She played for a bit, still not as active, but happy. Took her temp again 30 minutes after the first, was 100.8. Mom was coming in another 20-30 minutes so I just sent her a text letting her know about the temp.

Mom arrives 30 minutes later. I take baby's temp again & it's now 99.6.

Mom made arrangements so she can stay home w/dcg tomorrow if necessary. I honestly wonder if dcg is teething (I know, I can't believe I said that!). She has no teeth yet. She has a little cough but it comes & goes as well. She's drooly....but that comes & goes. She chews on everything, but she's been doing that for 3 months now.

She spit up more then usual today & yesterday, but I wouldn't call it vomiting. Nothing has changed in her diet & her poops are the same as usual.

Idk, what do you all think?
Blackcat31 03:35 PM 12-12-2013
I don't accept the teething excuse for allowing fevers in care but I DO think that there are kids who do get fevers (low grade) when teething.

However, I wouldn't worry too much about the why and just focus on the fever.

If it is over your exclusion limit, don't allow her to attend. If it stays below the number you allow, then she is fine to be in attendance.

IME, it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. If you allow her to attend if she DOES have a temp over your exclusion number then what if she does have a touch of something else and other's get sick...kwim?

I would simply go by the number and not the reason.

cheerfuldom 03:37 PM 12-12-2013
Don't worry about the why. That is mom's job. She should be home tomorrow for sure.
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