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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Can I be done yet!?
Brooksie 07:56 AM 01-09-2014
Last month of daycare and 2 of my kids are the snottiest boys. I'm so tired of wiping snot off faces!! Just keep your snotty kids home! UHG. Can't wait to be done and these germs can be out of my house.
DaycareMom 07:58 AM 01-09-2014
I remember your post about being nervous to tell the families you were closing... how did it go?
Brooksie 08:00 AM 01-09-2014
They were alright, mostly just sad but understood. I found daycare for most of them and I only had one parent try to convince me to stay open. I was sad about it last week and then everyone dropped their sick kids off to me and I'm not sad any more I'm just ready to move on!
JoseyJo 08:34 AM 01-09-2014
ugh I feel you I just this week got over the "teething" I caught over a month ago . I use to have a really good immune system but this year I think it just gave up! I'm very happy to be done with the germs in my house all the time
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