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Sunchimes 04:24 PM 01-09-2014
This has been my month, beginning on Dec 19.
dcg-stomach virus
hubby-chest cold, bronchial infection, flu, pneumonia. He was doing better, on his last day of meds and caught that stomach flu last night
dcb2 and brother-mysterious illness-not too bad, no fever, green snot, grouchy-doctor said last month it was teething, but it has drug out forever-they are off to the doctor tomorrow
dcg 1-bronchial infection Monday
dcb1 bronchial infection Tuesday
dcg1-after 3 days on antibiotics and steroids, she came in asleep this morning and slept 4 hours-woke with 101.5 temp-off to doctor again right now

This has been the hardest month. I haven't slept a full night in weeks-sitting up with hubby (who is almost 70 and has COPD-major breathing issues, etc). Scheduled naps have been out the window for 3 weeks-they feel bad and sleep when they need it. I grab food on the rare occasions that I get them to overlap their sleep. Amazingly enough, even with all this, the only contagion has been within their own families. No one here has caught anything from anyone else. Someone asked me how I had avoided catching anything-I credit chocolate. I've practically lived on it since Christmas.
craftymissbeth 05:28 PM 01-09-2014

So sorry you, your family, and dck's are going through all that!
Naptime yet? 06:49 PM 01-09-2014
Holy moley, hope this is the worse of it for you! Keep eating that chocolate!
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