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ihop 07:20 AM 01-22-2014
I closed today because after the last kid left yesterday I got violently Ill.

Fast forward 9 hours at the er, and dr says norovirus. This morning dbf has been having same symptoms now so I am obviously contagious.

What do I do to prevent further spread? And how long do I close for?

Any other advice?
Cat Herder 08:06 AM 01-22-2014
Straight from CDC Guide. Lysol, handwashing, washing daycare linens can't hurt. Standard Contact Precautions.

Varies with
(pathogen is a
disease-causing organism), usually
1 to 5

Contact with stool, saliva
or vomit from infected
individual directly or from surfaces. Norovirus highly infectious; frequent cause
of outbreaks

From 2 days before
illness until vomiting
and diarrhea improve

No fever or vomiting for
24 hours and fewer than
5 stools per day
Msdunny 10:18 AM 01-22-2014

Hugs to you! I had this last year, and was so sick and then very weak for a few weeks afterward. Take care of yourself!
ihop 11:44 AM 01-22-2014
Does anyone have a recommendation on how to tell parents what I have and that I'll be closed the rest of the week?

I usually just text but I suppose I should send them this info.
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