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Unregistered 11:25 AM 09-26-2018
Long story short:
Verbally offered 1 family 10 no charge days year/per child (they have 2). Signed a contract agreeing to pay for all contracted days regardless (all families signed the same contract.) I offered it to this family since they have been with me since before I was licensed and are my only full timers. And to be honest, I didn't want to hear her complain about having no "free" days. It's not working out at all. She has 2 days left per child to use by December 31. I will no longer offer any free days beginning January 1.

I know what I need to do, I was just needing some advice on wording. I thought I could say something that it needs to be fair across the board, we will go back to the original signed contract, but I also feel that I don't need to justify it at all - just tell her that I will no longer offer no charge days. Should I communicate it via text, letter, or face to face. I have a very hard time finding my backbone when it comes to my daycare, so I would love to hear some input.
Ariana 11:32 AM 09-26-2018
I woukd write up an email so as not to stir up drama face to face and then if she wants to discuss it face to face be ready for it.

“Dear mom,
I have decided that starting in January 2019 I will no longer be offering free days of daycare. It appears you have two free days left on your contract and they will need to be used by December 31st 2018 (or whatever the last day of 2018 is for you).
Thank you,
Daycare provider who is tired of your crap.”

The less you say on your end means the less she has to argue with. Short and sweet and to the point!
Cat Herder 11:34 AM 09-26-2018
What she said adding in that you need a consistent income to be able to provide consistent services.
Annalee 11:46 AM 09-26-2018
'this is how xxxx daycare will run from this point forward" and be ready to reply with "I understand, and if this doesn't work for you, I require a two week notice"...They will either follow protocol and stay or move on....either way a win/win for the provider.
storybookending 01:59 PM 09-26-2018
You could also up your tuition to cover the free days if you think she’ll walk away if you take away her free days and you want to keep them on. Parents are more willing to pay a few dollars more a week than give up their free days.. even if it costs them more in the long run
Unregistered 06:03 AM 09-30-2018
Just go in be prepared that I will probably lose her as a customer
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