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Daycare and Taxes>Can I Write Off Going To A DCK Birthday Party?
Lilbutterflie 12:47 PM 03-19-2011
Today I am going to a daycare child's birthday party since I've been invited and my children are friends with the birthday boy. I thought I read somewhere that I can write off their birthday gift as a business expense. Can I also write off the mileage getting there and back; and can I write off the time I spent?
TomCopeland 09:14 PM 03-19-2011
If you view the birthday party as a business activity for you then deduct the present and the mileage. You could argue that going to the party is part of your job as a provider, it builds good will, and could be seen as advertising when you meet with other families. Some providers would not want to see this as a business activity, but you could.
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