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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Today Is Going To Be BUSY But A Good One!
Brooksie 07:43 AM 02-09-2013
Today I'm finally getting my newest addition in to get the contract signed! They've been waiting for a spot with me since the DCM was 5 months pregnant and they have been so excited about getting a spot with us! This little bundle of joy is a just a few months old. My daughter is very excited about being my big helper!

And even after that I have a part time job interview this afternoon for weekend restaurant work where I should be able to pull in a couple extra hundred a weekend Definitely need that $$!

Its going to be a busy day, but its all positives and lately I've really been needing some more positivity in my life! Even got a call from someone who needs care for 2 kids in a couple weeks. That would be such a big help if that pulls through! Here's to a great day!!!!
butterfly 03:18 PM 02-09-2013
mbullette 04:16 PM 02-09-2013
Congrats and good luck!!!!
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