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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is it Reasonable for an Almost 2 yr Old?
dEHmom 06:16 AM 11-18-2011
To expect them not to pull out EVERY single book, puzzle, bin, toy 100 times a day? I keep trying to explain to him only 1, and get him to pick one, and then put the rest back with my help of course.

But I'm finding, he doesn't even play, or look at the stuff he pulls out, it's just a pull and drop, pull and drop, pull and drop.

It's wearing on me. I KNOW he knows he's not allowed to do this, because he will run away when I look at him (it's pretty cute the way he does it).

Any suggestions on how to approach this with a not quite 2 yr old? I've tried many ways of saying it like "only 1 at a time ok" and "oh lets put these back if you're not playing with them" etc.
MsRedBall 06:18 AM 11-18-2011
Im having the saw issues! I'd like some advice too!
SilverSabre25 06:49 AM 11-18-2011
trying to "approach" it at this age is a losing battle, friend--it's what they do. Don't give him access to more than YOU are willing to put back. Provide some "fill and dump" toys like a shape sorter or two, bags for filling up and dumping out, small things like the little letter blocks that are good for filling and dumping.

You can use an empty tissue box or empty plastic wipe dispenser and stuff it full of squares of fabric to pull out (and stuff back in)--this is a fun way to give them a neat sensory activity if you use different textures of material.
hoopinglady 06:49 AM 11-18-2011
Yes, it's reasonable.

I now have 3 2's and am finding it necessary to create their own space for them with not too many pieces to be dumped.

I'll give them one basket of mega blocks and work with that basket until they get the hang of it.

Otherwise it's just unnecessary damage control all day long.
SilverSabre25 06:51 AM 11-18-2011
also, if he's really not playing, just dumping, he's telling you that he's overwhelmed with the number of toys available at a time. Limit the choices and his play should get more productive
dEHmom 06:55 AM 11-18-2011
I really like that idea about the fabric in the container. I'll try that.

and thanks for reassuring me it's not too much to ask. I just find by 2, they are old enough for a little responsibility because trying to teach a 3 or 4 yr old not to make a mess and clean up it nearly impossible if they've never done it before.
AnneCordelia 08:16 AM 11-18-2011
One of my DCMs made her daughter silk hankies and stuffed them into a wipes box. DCG loves them so much!!! But, it means that whenever I get out the real baby wipes container I have to watch her like a HAWK because she'll pull them all out in 2 seconds flat. LOL!!

I have 4 1yos here. I set them up with an area without any books to yank off shelves. They get a blanket with board books and they get one bucket of toys. I rotate the toys...Little People Barn & animals this morning. This afternoon will be Little People garage & cars. Yesterday was foam blocks & Happy Family dollhouse. Too many toys just means they get bored sooner (??) and more mess for me.
boysx5 10:44 AM 11-18-2011
thats why I make two bins a day that they can go and play with it has save so much work from dumping
dEHmom 11:15 AM 11-18-2011
Originally Posted by boysx5:
thats why I make two bins a day that they can go and play with it has save so much work from dumping
right now because my house is small everything is in bins in/on bookshelves. I'm thinking maybe i'll take back my house, and buy a bunch of bins instead, and store them in the basement and just bring up 1 for the morning and switch it out in the afternoon. Might be worth the extra stairs too maybe i'll lose some weight, lol.
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