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AmandasFCC 07:41 AM 04-07-2010
So I have a huge shuffle going on in my daycare right now. 2 of my part timers are moving to evening drop-in so now I have 2 VERY valuable spaces available for the under 4 crowd as Mom doesn't want to pay full-time to guarantee her spots. She'd only need me 2 nights a week MOST weeks, some weeks not at all because of the way her and her hubby's rotations work out.

So I offered a full time space to a woman who's been hounding me for one since December. We emailed back and forth a few times, she basically said she'd love the space but she'd like to find work first - (she'd been making it appear that she'd found work, asking me if I'd have a space for April 12 specifically) - and THEN after 3 emails she dropped the bomb that she'd love the space but she would only need it until June 11 when her dd turns 3, at which point she'll be off to a preschool.

So this morning I open up an email from her stating this:

I will take you May Full-time spot, please let me know how much it was again for the full month and I'll drop off a posted cheque. Thanks.

Well now I don't really even want to take her. Obviously I want to fill that space with a full timer. I don't want all this movement in my daycare. Last time her daughter attended fulltime was Nov-Dec, but Mom lost her job a week after she started. She's really flaky and I guess this just really bothers me that she assumes that she can just take a space for a month and that would be fine. I'm having trouble replying to the email. I'd like to say that I'll take her in May on the condition that I don't find anyone permanent to fill the space. What do you think I should say?
Daycare Mommy 07:55 AM 04-07-2010
Honestly I just wouldn't take her. Maybe you could accept her as a drop-in? I'd say that I'm looking for full time permanent children to fill these spots.
MarinaVanessa 08:25 AM 04-07-2010
I agree and wouldn't take her either. If you have someone else interested in the spot I'd give that spot to them instead. If not and you don't need the spot filled then leave it open until you do find someone. Of course if you do want to fill it you can always advertise for it with the availability date of this child's last day. Business is business afterall and you are in it to make money. What concerns me is that you say she's flakey. That alone raises a flag. If you decide to not take her you could always give her the pretense that you have a waitinglist and you want someone permanent. Personally I'd write something like

Dear _____,
I appreciate the interest that you have in returning but I wasn't aware that you were interested in temporary care. I am looking to fill this opening with a family that will stay permanently and that has needs for regular care. Thanks again for your interest but at the moment I have a family that has the same needs that I am looking for. If another opening comes along that will fit your needs I'll be sure to give you a call.

Or some bull like that. You'll be letting her go gently but certainly and won't piss her off. You never know how pre-school will be or whether she'll need part-time care during non pre-school hours later down the road that you may want to offer her. If you don't have someone interested in the spot and she gets a whiff that no new family has started you can always say that the family ended up having to move or something. I would want to hold out for a family that was more stable and filled the spot longer but I am guilty of letting a family stay temporarily for the extra income
AmandasFCC 08:41 AM 04-07-2010
Originally Posted by :
What concerns me is that you say she's flakey. That alone raises a flag. If you decide to not take her you could always give her the pretense that you have a waitinglist and you want someone permanent.
Yeah that's exactly where my conflict comes in too. The little girl is super sweet and all, but her mother makes me nutty because she's ALL OVER the place, says one thing then retracts and says another. After she lost her job in November and used up the days she'd paid for she went to drop in once a week. The last day I had her she called me 4 times in an hour. "DD will only be there for half a day." "I'm going to pick up after nap." "No, I'll pick up before nap." "No, I'm just going to leave her all day."

This morning alone she's sent me 4 emails. "I'll let you know if I want the space." "By the way, she'll only need it until June." "Yes, I'll take it for a month." "By the way, I love your website!" LOL.

What I said was given the new information she provided, I had to reconsider. I prefer to maintain a routine and consistent environment and as such try to avoid a lot of turn over. Since the space is available though, she's welcome to check availability and bring her dd on the days required until the space is filled.
originalkat 09:35 AM 04-07-2010
Don't do it. It will be more pain then it is worth. It is so hard when you have kids moving all around like that. Just tell her that you need to fill the spot with a full time long term family.
Carole's Daycare 10:36 AM 04-07-2010
Agreed. I just turned away a family of three with a 6 m, 2 1/2 & 3 1/2 that wanted a few days a week. She'd been let go from her previous daycares and in conversation complained a lot about previous care- so I just told her I WONT take any infants/families w/ infants without guaranteed full time permanent/pay in advance with a 1 month notice.
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