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kcnjason 10:19 PM 04-19-2011
I am in need of snack ideas. After running a dc for 5 years I seem to be running out of ideas or have forgotten what I at one time gave the children. Any ideas of what you feed your children would be great. We do the basic yogurt, granola bars, gold fish, fruits.....other ideas would be wonderful!
Evansmom 11:53 AM 04-27-2011
I won't be much help b/c I think I do the basic too but I'll give you the things I usually give for snack:

Apples and sunbutter (sunflower seed butter)
wheat thin crackers and something like a cheese stick or some slices of turkey
sunbutter and cracker sandwiches
1/2 bananna and a yogurt
1/2 cheese sandwich and grapes
carrots and cucumber with dip
apples or any fruit with yogurt dip (make it really easy with yogurt, a few tablespoons of nut butter and a bit of honey)
pretzels with raisins

Those are our usual snacks around here.
thecrazyisout 01:00 PM 04-27-2011
Fruit muffins
banana bread
yogurt smoothies and graham crackers to dip

and ditto for most of the things above
daycare 01:12 PM 04-27-2011
I find that crackers go over really well...

grahm crackers.
multi wheat

along with

sliced ham
yog. dips

is this the kind of stuff you are looking for??
kcnjason 02:14 PM 04-27-2011
Thanks for all of the helpful ideas. They have all been very helpful! Thank you!
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