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kcnjason 02:08 PM 09-01-2011
I'm looking for kid friendly snack ideas. I do the basics with cheese, crackers, fruits, yogurt, etc. What I'm looking for is ideas of no-bake/baked snacks. Muffins, bars, etc.....what are some of your kids favorites?
AfterSchoolMom 03:25 PM 09-01-2011
These are on our snack rotation:

Frozen yogurt tubes
Frozen grapes
Frozen bananas with magic shell topping (as a Friday treat)
Bagels with spreads
Banana bread
Muffins of any variety, but especially blueberry and chocolate chip
Trail Mix
Turkey pepperonis with cheese and crackers
Baked apples - in the oven with cinnamon until they get soft (yum)
Mini pizzas made with tortillas or english muffins

I do a baked or sweet item every Friday.
meganlavonnesmommy 05:55 PM 09-02-2011
apples with pb or caramel dip
sliced cheese and ritz crackers
graham crackers dipped in yogury
pizza sticks (refrigerated pizza dough baked with cheese and dipped in tomato sauce)
pretzel rods dipped in cheese sauce
cottage cheese with fruit
pita chips with hummus
crackers with pb and mini chocolate chips
celery sticks filled with flavored cream cheese
jello made with applesauce or fruit chunks
cubed mozzerala cheese and cubed turkey ham
awestbrook713 10:36 AM 09-06-2011
Frozen applesauce pops, frozen watermelon pops, graham crackers and pb, celery pb and raisins (ants on a log), raw veggies and dip
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