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Flowerchild 04:08 AM 05-10-2019
This child, I guess his mom was on drugs on he was left alone a lot or at least undisciplined and did whatever he wanted. Well he gets very frustrating because he won't do simple things with the class like lining up or cleaning. Yesterday I told him to put his shoes on since he was outside and he refused. Ran off saying he wanted to get out of time out. But he wasn't even in time out. He was sitting in a car trying to run away from time out. So I've been dreading dealing with him. I really don't want to drag a 4 year old by the hand to bathroom and dodge blocks because he doesn't want to clean up. He also potty talks a lot and has gotten my whole class started. Every 5 second it's she called me a poopy and he hit me in the nuts. It's very would anyone else restore the chaos in the room to calm? Any tips? Oh, and he loves being the line leader but so does 3 other kids. They literally fight over it and run into the middle of the hall barging in front of each other when the line starts at the red tape in the door way. These kids don't listen to me as well so when I'm not dealing with him I'm repeating myself a ton. This is a frustrating group to work with. I need some help.
Mom2Two 12:09 PM 05-10-2019
Are you a teacher in a center? If so, what does your director say to do about this?
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