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Unregistered 07:24 AM 07-14-2020
Please help all input appreciated!

In my 8 years doing childcare I haven't had this happen before.

4 yeard child keeps exposing their private part to their friends.

The first time I chopped it up to curiosity. Had a talk with child and parents and that seemed to take care of the issue. Now three weeks later child is doing it again and multiple times a day.

What do I do? This can't continue and I don't want to have to explain to family's that their child saw someone else's private parts.

Thank you all for your guidance on this tricky matter.
Cat Herder 07:33 AM 07-14-2020
I'd call for a conference with both parents to ask what they believe prompted this behavior and what their plan is for dealing with it. I'd give two weeks for resolution or I'd terminate. I'd also probably put him in backward footed pj's upon arrival to prevent it at my house.

If I did not feel comfortable with the parents' answers, I may also report any suspicions I developed. Yes, I have had to do it before in similar circumstances (much more graphic) and yes it was substantiated. Trust your instincts. Don't question the child. If you suspect, report. Let them do their job.
rosieteddy 10:25 AM 07-14-2020
Added to parent meeting he /she would be my shadow.I would explain to the child that they would have to be in my sight until they stopped.If that meant at table while you prepare lunch,next to you while free play goes on ect. It will be hard for you but what else can you do ?You don't want everyone to start.
tenderhearts 11:01 AM 07-14-2020
I would shadow the child and not allow anything that could want to expose more curiosity, taking away doctor play blankets staying in same room as me no closing doors ect.
Josiegirl 11:30 AM 07-14-2020
Shadowing, as hard as that is to do don't let him stray from your side.
I had a little dcb who was about 4 at the time, quite the rascal in every conceivable way. A dcm was picking up her dds one afternoon and dcb runs into the room, shouts 'look at this!' and promptly drops his drawers. With him, it was a 1 time deal, thankfully!!! But I've had others who did it more and being right there, every minute, was key to breaking them of it. I mean what kid wants a big bad boring meany following them everywhere when their friends are having fun?
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