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cillybean83 11:32 AM 01-31-2011
Has anyone seen these? I was getting groceries and I saw them in the produce section, they are marketed towards being a salad topper but I got a bag to give my kiddos for snack, they're just baked snap peas, nothing else! They're really yummy and crunchy!
Danielle 11:52 AM 01-31-2011
I have! They are sooo good. Kind of addictive though.
Cat Herder 12:18 PM 01-31-2011
I love them!! Especially the wasabi coated ones....yum!!
KEG123 12:25 PM 01-31-2011
What is the brand? Have a link?
Cat Herder 12:37 PM 01-31-2011
This is just one brand of the Wasabi Peas. I typically buy the store brand in those clear plastic deli boxes, though. Yum!! Great for a movie snack.

I think they also have some still in husk? My store does not carry those, however...
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cillybean83 12:52 PM 01-31-2011
these are the ones i got, my son loved them, dcg....not so much!,r:0,s:0
DCMomOf3 01:00 PM 01-31-2011
I will have to look for them, my kids love snap peas. I can't grow them fast enough.
Michael 09:54 PM 01-31-2011
Calbee Snack Salad™ Baked Snapea Crisps Original

Abigail 11:20 PM 01-31-2011
These are just stored on the shelf, not in a fridge section of the store? I've never seen them, but I do love snap peas. I usually open the pea pods to eat the peas which is very time consuming, ha ha. This might be a better alternative and better for the price. How much is a serving of veges?
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