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Abigail 09:26 PM 09-09-2011
Ok, even though I just wrote more posts, I better give the official update!

My DH and I found out last week we got the short sale approval we wanted! We've been waiting EIGHT weeks on the SAME HOME to hear whether we get it or if the bank wanted it! I feel so blessed because I've prayed about this house everyday since we made an offer in JULY--it's not September. It's the perfect setup in the lower level for daycare and the upper level is just amazing for a home living area and the neighborhood is quiet and safe yet conveniently located!

It's not too good to be true. We waited patiently for this and we sign the closing papers next week on my hubby's birthday! We did our home inspection yesterday and found nothing major wrong. I'm really glad my dad is going to come up to help with the move and finish some things in the house since the lower level is not finished completely yet.

Daycare boss knows I want to open my own daycare once we move and asked how soon. I'm happy to know I will be open before the end of this year so I can claim all my start up expenses and get going before January. I'm thinking November/December is more realistic for a grand opening because I need to finish two-three rooms in the lower level prior to getting licensed and want to be licensed from the start. I'm so excited and my hubby is excited for me to start daycare as well!

The other ironic thing is a home one block away we looked at that was for sale currently had a daycare with 11 enrolled. Maybe some of those kids can just hop a block over into mine?!
safechner 06:19 AM 09-10-2011
Congrats!! I am so happy for you and your husband on your new home soon. I can't wait to sell our house in around Feb/Mar so we can buy a bigger house that we need.
sahm1225 10:38 AM 09-10-2011
I was just thinking about you and wondering about the house! That's great news! Yea, our short sale took forever (we made the offer in April and closed in July) and it sucked, but beign patient pays off!

I can't wait for you to move and post pictures of your new home. Congratulations again!
daycare 12:51 PM 09-10-2011
They say that good things come to those who wait! So happy for you and your family. i hope that everything works out easy for you and that your DC is everything tht you want it to be. You have already been working so hard to set everything up and I think you are well on your way to a great thing...

Good Luck and Congrats on the house!!
Crystal 04:56 PM 09-10-2011
YAY!!!! Congratulations!
DaycareMama 02:04 PM 09-11-2011
Very happy for you and your hubby. So exciting! Congrats
beachgrl 07:52 AM 09-12-2011
Congratulations that is awesome! Good luck with everything!
SilverSabre25 07:57 AM 09-12-2011
How exciting! Congratulations and good luck!
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