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PolkaTots 05:27 AM 09-24-2011
My husband and I plan on relocating within the State in about 9 months when school gets out. When would be a good time to give the parents notice? We will be about 3 hours away, so the families staying is not an option.

And how would you go about finding a whole new group of children for your daycare? Start advertising before your move? Offer an introductory rate to fill up?

And if anyone in the State of Iowa happens to know if registration is transferrable, or will I have to reapply and wait to be registered after the move?
nannyde 08:09 AM 09-24-2011
You will have to notify the state that you are moving to a new address. You shouldn't have to reapply for a registration.

I would give parents the notice that you require them to give you. I require a months notice so I would give a month.
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