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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Almost the end of daycare expenses....
Abigail 09:51 PM 11-01-2011
As you all know I've been buying daycare items for well over a year! Then we finally moved a month ago and I've found how much of the bigger items I needed (shelves, mini fridge, microwave, microwave stand, toilet, sink, pack-n-play, safety items, gates, first aid kit, cots/mats, etc). I'm almost done buying the things I need!

This week alone I purchased the mini fridge, microwave cart, and microwave all off Craigslist for about half or less the store price. All white and match VERY WELL! Tonight as I drove around to drop off business cards left over from my Halloween bags at local businesses, I ended up stopping at Burlington. I browsed the baby section and found a pack-n-play for only $29! Even Walmart doesn't get that good! I also was able to talk with three employees at the front and give out cards.

I'm working on the toilet issue....I want a toddler size toilet downstairs and just can't find the perfect one. LOL. I'm down to the same toilet by American Standard, but need to find the cheapest place in town that will order it for me. UGH. I know it's twice as expensive as the standard toilet, but I really want it.
My Daycare 05:55 AM 11-02-2011
If you end up not getting the toddler toilet, here is a suggestion. It looks kinda flimsy online, but it's not.

Great Luck with everything!

Edit - After taking a second look , it may not be the one that I have. Mine has the silver colored hinges. I think it's the same brand though.
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