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SunflowerMama 01:29 PM 12-30-2011
We are thinking about maybe moving to a new home in the Spring.

We would be in the same area (only about 10 miles from our current home).

I'm wondering if any of you have done that how did you continue care during that time or did you have to close for a bit.

I know I would have to let the State know so I could be re-inspected at the new home but I"m just wondered about the time in between while we are trying to sell our current home and then move into our new home.

Any advice or past experiences would be great.

cheerfuldom 01:51 PM 12-30-2011
We moved last fall and it was no big deal. Two of my kids followed and I interviewed to fill the other two spots. We closed for a week and were back in action after that. Moved like 2 miles from the old place but here, there is much more room and a fenced backyard.
SunflowerMama 01:59 PM 12-30-2011
Originally Posted by cheerfuldom:
We moved last fall and it was no big deal. Two of my kids followed and I interviewed to fill the other two spots. We closed for a week and were back in action after that. Moved like 2 miles from the old place but here, there is much more room and a fenced backyard.
That sounds great!! I think most of my families would stick with us and it would actually move me closer to 2 families so that'll be great. I'm so excited about moving because when we moved here we didn't have the daycare so the yard wasn't an issue (we just took our kids to the park) now I can't wait to move to a home with more outdoor space. SO excited!!
Christian Mother 07:29 PM 12-30-2011
We plan to do that as well but move in the summertime. I think it will help over all as one family is a teacher and another is part time. My other 2 are awesome and will work around me and help me with time I might need to take to move. I don't take off normally for sick days or vacation nor do I charge when children are not in my care so I think that helps with my parents being super understanding with time. Just be upfront and also give plenty of time to find a alternative backup when you move. Have you already told the parents yet? All my parents know that we will be moving during the summer so they are planning and I believe all will be staying with me but they do have that right of course to find alternative care if need be.
Crazy8 11:00 AM 12-31-2011
I moved about 5 years ago - only 3 miles from my old house (we just needed a bigger home, loved our town/area). All my families came with me, it ended up being closer for a few, further for 1 or 2 but that just meant 3 miles away rather than around the corner, LOL!

I closed for 2 days because I was closing on a Thursday - so I closed Thurs & Fri. and reopened Monday. Obviously my entire playroom wasn't set up by Monday but it was enough for the kids to come back. I didn't want to inconvenience families too much.
Nellie 01:29 PM 01-01-2012
Congrats on your new house. It sounds like your new house is going to work out great for you. A friend of mine who was a daycare provider moved last summer. Her move was very quick. I think she closed down on Thursday and Friday and was ready on Monday. Unfortunatly most of her kids didn't fallow. She moved about 3 miles(4 mins) away from her previous house. She was living only a few blocks away from the school and went to the country. She moved into a much bigger house and yard more suitable for daycare. A couple of months ago she closed down and went back to work because of lack of children. The direction she moved was futher away from the main travels to the near by big towns and there was already 2 DCP's of over 15 years of sevice in her direction(that was getting all of the kids that came from that direction).
At first I thought it was kind of harsh that most of her families left. It added on an additional 8 mins one way or 16 mins with both pick up and drop off. If it were me and I had a wonderful childcare provider I would not have cared about the extra drive time. But considering most of the families were already on the road for 30 mins each way, maybe adding another 8 mins was too much.
It sounds like your move will be very promising and a great change. Congrats
MamaBear 07:46 AM 01-03-2012
I did this last January... Basically I called Licensing before the move just to be sure I was doing everything I needed to do. He sent me a packet that I had to fill out and return at least 2 weeks before the move (in the State of California) which was basically like the first packet I had to fill out when I first get licensed. Mainly because you are getting relicensed with the new address. It wasn't that much to fill out. You'll have to make a new "emergency exit map" and all that for the new home.

I mailed my packet back to Licensing 2 weeks before the move & then when I knew the moving date, I scheduled my licensing guy to come the week after we were moving in (We are fast unpackers) I closed the daycare for a week while moving and getting the licensing cleared. The License guy came the morning he was scheduled and cleared it as a go... Then I was able to do daycare that following Monday. I only moved 1 mile up the street, so it wasn't a big deal for my daycare parents.

Just make sure you have that new home perfectly ready and safe for doing daycare, because if there is anything wrong (any unsafe areas, etc) then they will reschedule your home check another day and you won't be cleared to do daycare there till its all good. Thats what the guy told me anyway. I hope that helps
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