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Sprouts 11:17 AM 03-16-2012
So my husband and I have been considering selling our house and moving, most likely the daycare too but not sure how far. We are about to list our house on the market. Any advice! Please! I don't know how to tell the parents yet with out them getting scared and running away....
DaycareMama 11:31 AM 03-16-2012
do you do daycare out of your home??
Sprouts 12:17 PM 03-16-2012
Yes my whole downstairs is for daycare. I used to teach when I bought my house so the payments seemed affordable, I took a big paycut when changing careers and our finances are causing too much stress. I would like to move the daycare to wherever we move, but it may be too much commute for our current parents. We are not sure exactly where we will go, but I would like to tell them we are looking in the area...but possibly we might not stay too close.
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