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Unregistered 06:33 AM 02-07-2013
I am a member but logged out for privacy. We may be moving and if so it will be in two weeks... I will not know until this week end. We were called and asked to come, we are going this weekend to see details and then we will decide... How long of a notice should I give my parents.. I really don't know any info until MOnday... ugh... This is a surprise to us all.. so I really still cant get me mind around such a fast move...

I figured a two weeks notice would give my two parents enough notice.... but am wrong...
Blackcat31 06:53 AM 02-07-2013
I think it depends on where you are moving and if you are planning on continuing to do child care.

If you are just moving to another part of town and not closing, then I would think 2 weeks is more than plenty.

If you are moving to a new area and not planning on continuing child care then I would peobably give more of a notice but if that isn't possible (since the move is sudden and quick) then I suppose you just have to give notice right away and make do.
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