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Daycare Insurance>How Much Coverage Do You Have?
LeslieG 07:59 AM 04-09-2013
Since I just recently started up my child care business, I am working at getting liability insurance for the first time. I found the company who I would like to provide the insurance, I just don't know how much coverage to go with.

How much liability insurance coverage do you have? (Per Occurrence, Aggregate, etc.)

I will be licensed for 8 children.

Any advise would be very helpful!! Thanks!
Blackcat31 08:17 AM 04-09-2013
I am licensed for up to 14 children.

I have large group coverage.

I have $1,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $3,000,000 coverage general aggregate

I pay about $500 per year for this. The rates for this year are a little higher than last years.
grandmom 02:47 PM 04-09-2013
Buy the highest amount they offer. Protect yourself. It's all deductible.
CrackerJacks 08:50 PM 04-09-2013
I agree..the more the better
JSBaker 09:48 PM 04-09-2013
I always carried 300,000 coverage per incident, and a student accident policy that covered staff as well as kiddos. (Texas), as I know some states require different coverage amounts.
originalkat 06:23 AM 04-10-2013
I have a $1 Million coverage per occurrence and $3 Million Aggregate. I am licensed for 10 children.
Brooksie 07:53 AM 04-10-2013
The more you can get the better. I have a 1,000,000 policy and I kind of wish I had more. You never know, a kid could slip, fall and become a paraplegic and that wouldn't even cover what you could be paying for. You HAVE to think of all the worst scenarios and prepare for that when you're thinking of liability
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