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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How To Word A "We're Moving" Letter?
CedarCreek 07:54 AM 09-13-2013
So, the school district daycare here did me dirty and took over half of my kids. It really stinks but it gave us a chance to reevaluate and realize that we want to move to a better area about an hour away that has better schools.

How do I word the letter to parents that we are putting our house up for sale? I don't want the couple that I have remaining to leave right away, it would be nice if they stuck around until the house sells. But that might be too much to ask.

Any advice?
crunchymama 08:21 AM 09-13-2013
Moving can take a long time to get the house sold, get a new place and get set up, just did that last year. When I first told families I did it face to face just a simple "we're looking at moving, here's a rough idea of our timeframe _____. I'll keep you updated as things progress"
CedarCreek 08:40 AM 09-13-2013
Thank you for your response! I'm more of a letter gal but I like what you said.

Dh actually got a job offer from Colorado and while I would love that, its less pay than what he makes now. Which is interesting because the cost of living seems to be higher there.

I'm hoping the whole process won't take too long.
blandino 08:56 AM 09-13-2013
I you PM me your email address, I can send you our PDF about moving that I had to send out two weeks ago.
Sugar Magnolia 09:30 AM 09-13-2013
Houses can take a long time to sell. I think parents may bail early if you tell them now. Can you list it now, WITHOUT a sign out front? It would still be in the multiple listing.....
Once you have a buyer and a closing date, then inform parents.

I feel your pain on the school-stealing-customers front.
CedarCreek 11:16 AM 09-13-2013
blandino- I PM'ed you.

Sugar- I know, that worries me too! The thing is though I would feel horrible if they found out in some way other than me telling them. Like, seeing the house online for what ever reason. Fingers crossed that it sells quickly.

Yes, the school daycare was something that I did not think was going to cause a problem. They have big registration fees and big late fees and you have to send your own snacks and lunch. The reason they are going there? To get the tuition deducted directly out of their paycheck. They cannot be bothered to write a check every week.
Sugar Magnolia 11:45 AM 09-13-2013
I don't think the chances of the parents seeing it online are very high, unless they are house shopping. But NOT having a sign out front could hinder a quick sale. Tough decision.

My problem is public schools doing free VPK, so I hardly have any 4 or 5 year olds anymore, only those who have parents that care more about quality than free. Quality often loses out in todays economy. Sad.
Sugar Magnolia 11:49 AM 09-13-2013
Cedar, do your public school daycare take little ones? Under 4? Even infants? Are you mostly losing teachers kids? UUUGGGGHHHH Pp
CedarCreek 01:10 PM 09-13-2013
Originally Posted by Sugar Magnolia:
Cedar, do your public school daycare take little ones? Under 4? Even infants? Are you mostly losing teachers kids? UUUGGGGHHHH Pp
They are taking all ages as long as they are children of a district employee. Its infuriating because tons of people around here work for the school district.
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