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spedmommy4 06:23 PM 02-22-2016
To make a long story really short, it's been a rough 2016 so far . . . And after much back and forth, my husband and I decided that it is best that we move back to Oregon. We are planning on moving at the end of the school year.

I am really excited about moving back but my program is currently full. Because of my background in early childhood special education, I serve a fairly large number of kids who are either really behaviorally challenging or have special needs.

Under my contract, I am only obligated to give them two weeks notice but that seems wrong. I know that some of these kids are going to have a really tough time even making past an interview with a potential provider so I want to give them enough time to find someone good but not so much that I have to let my employee go 3 months early.

In my position, what notice would you give?
jenboo 06:57 PM 02-22-2016
I gave my families 6 weeks. Each one stayed until the last day I was open.
My closing was unexpected and we were very close so I wanted to give everyone enough notice.
Laurel 08:22 PM 02-22-2016
I would probably give 4 weeks notice.
DaveA 03:11 AM 02-23-2016
I would give a month's notice.
Controlled Chaos 07:44 AM 02-23-2016
1 month
spedmommy4 11:52 AM 02-23-2016
Thanks all. One month sounds perfect. Although I know this is a great move for us, I'm feeling guilty already.
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