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dreamer 11:15 AM 03-18-2017
What are your policies on injuries that occur in your care?
Michael 11:55 AM 03-18-2017
Here is a previous thread regarding Injury Policy:
dreamer 09:52 AM 03-19-2017
Thank you Michael, but that thread seems to have respondes aimed directly at one very specific issue rather than people's policies in general!
Ariana 11:09 AM 03-19-2017
I personally do not address injuries in my policies. I think, in my opinion, not addressing it is a better option for me because injuries are so specific that I would rather it be left open for me to decide on a case by case basis.

Having said that I am Canadian so healthcare is taken care of for everyone so there would never be a situation where I could be sued and if there was my insurance would help with that.
Cat Herder 06:01 AM 03-20-2017
Licensing dictates how we address injuries, check your States regulations and required forms. That falls under basic health and safety.
Blackcat31 06:07 AM 03-20-2017
Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, licensing has rules as to how we handle them.

I don't do injury reports for minor things that aren't a huge deal. Any injury that causes a child to bleed (even a small amount) gets documented and shared with parent and then filed in child's file.

Any injury that requires medical attention must be documented and reported to the state.

Different forms for each type of injury.
dreamer 01:09 PM 03-20-2017
Thank you all!
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