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Momof2Boys 12:30 PM 12-10-2010
My family and I are moving only about 5 minutes away, but I am not sure how to go about doing this while also caring for the kids. For the most part, we can do most of the moving on the weekends, but eventually we will have to do some of it during the week days. Has anyone else dealt with moving and doing daycare at the same time?
DCMomOf3 12:47 PM 12-10-2010
I would take two days off for a 4 day weekend and just get it done. If you pack most of the small things before had (not daycare or a weeks worth of clothes, kitchen, ect), and assuming you have bodies to help move the things, you could finish packing and tear down the daycare things day 1, move day two, and unpack set up the needed family things and daycare again on the weekend for days 3 and 4.
Crystal 01:33 PM 12-10-2010
when I moved to this house from where I previously did daycare, we literally moved in over the weekend, set up the ENTIRE house and had licensing inspection on monday, reopened for business on Tuesday. My DCP helped move much of our stuff over for us, which was a big help.

If you HAVE to do it during the week, I say take your week vacation early, or move things after work, or hire someone to come in and work for you while you move.

You could also hire movers....they even pack everything for you
Abigail 09:48 PM 12-10-2010
How long will you have both places available to you? If you have them overlapping a month I would take advantage of moving on the weekends and some in the evenings for one or two weeks. Have a friends get together/ new house helping hands party---lol---this is where they help carry boxes and you order them pizza for a thank you! If you have older children, have their friends help. Make sure to bring over a vacuum and mop and clean your new place before you start piling up things.
SandeeAR 08:54 AM 12-13-2010
We will be moving Jan 1, 2011. I am off the 31st, 1st and 2nd. Reopening on Tues the 3rd.

Everyone laughs at my "preplanning", but it made our last move happen in 3 hours total, from load up, drive over and unload.

I made an annoucement at church that we needed help, there will be 8-10 of us.

I first listed everything in the house to pack, by area, ex: Bathroom, books, clothes, special dishes, daily dishes, laundry get the idea.

I worked backwards on listing my packing days.....Daycare stuff, daily stuff etc, listed on the night of the 30th.

I broke it down by days and will pack a little each night. Saving the larger areas, kitchen etc, for the weekend. This way packing isn't over whelming.

I have already measured the cabinets, rooms etc and the new house. I have a map laid out for each room (n the room door) showing the movers where things go. This way, they don't have to always ask me.

I also in the last week, will take "blue painters tape" and label each piece of furniture, with the room it goes in.

Each box, has the room listed first on all 4 sides and then what is in it.

I have already stopped grocery shopping. This last month, we will eat up what is here, to cut down on the food to move. Menus that last week will be simply and possible repeats, but it makes it easy.
laundrymom 09:20 AM 12-13-2010
Another time I am going to Love having a camper. Lol we plan on moving spring. We will take everything but daycare stuff to new house and sleep in camper if we need in one of the driveways lol
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