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gumdrops 07:42 AM 09-20-2018
If you could build a center, what would your must-haves be? Cubbies inside of rooms or in hallway or in entry? Indoor gym? Entry big enough to hold car seats? Cafeteria or eat in classrooms? Refrigerator in each classroom? Water fountains? etc....
flying_babyb 08:09 PM 09-22-2018
Water fountains near classrooms. Cubbies the kids can reach with baskets they cant reach. Storage ( lots of it). Area to eat in classroom far enough away from play area
Jiminycrickets 08:55 AM 09-23-2018
Bathrooms accessible directly from the outdoor play are a game changer...
hwichlaz 10:06 AM 09-24-2018
Cubbies in hallways outside classrooms.....handwashing sinks and fountains in each room, access to bathrooms from all rooms and outside, a gross motor room that doubles as a cafeteria.
flying_babyb 06:14 PM 09-24-2018
Huge one! Play area with direct access from the classroom! In my state and area its common to have to walk your class to the playground. In our case, around 5 feet, on a sidewalk next to a parking lot. Its a PITA with 8 disobedient 2s
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