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SilverSabre25 04:48 AM 01-24-2011
We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to switch our living room to upstairs and the playroom to the much larger downstairs. I posted about it; you guys might remember. Well, the first hurdle to the move was deciding what to do about the large and unwieldy couch.

We ended up deciding that life would be much simpler if we just left the couch down there and bought a new couch for upstairs (I hate the old couch) and we happened to find one on a really good deal at Big Lots. We brought it home last night.

We moved most of the furniture and toys downstairs, and some of what was already downstairs came upstairs. It's a mess down there, but I have half the room more or less ready to play in. I have only littles today and plan to gate them off to their side and spend the day working on arranging the other half of the room. It will be an interesting week of transition for everyone, but I'm excited. There will be fewer toys in twice the space...a large table for art projects with the bigs, dedicated space for the littles with a gate preventing them from getting into the games the bigs are trying to play.

I can't wait to have everything arranged and be able to take pictures and show them!
dEHmom 04:59 AM 01-24-2011
sounds great!

I wish I had a dedicated area! Would be so much easier for me.
Hopefully we can find a great priced home soon.
Little People 05:02 AM 01-24-2011
You will be so excited when your new room is all done and you have all that extra room. Can't wait to see pictures of your new room!!
DCMomOf3 05:05 AM 01-24-2011
The best thing i did was move my daycare room downstairs. I hope the week goes well!
melskids 05:32 AM 01-24-2011
cant wait to see the pics!!!!!
mac60 05:45 AM 01-24-2011
Sounds like a very productive weekend. I too wish I had a downstairs/dedicated space.... I get so tired of all the "stuff" and never getting away from it.
My4SunshineGirlsNY 05:55 AM 01-24-2011
Hope it works out better...I too just rearranged. I had one of my smaller bedrooms dedicated JUST for daycare that had toys and a pack n play set up for nap time....well, I moved my oldest daughter's bedroom to that room because she was sharing with my other daughter and they are like night and day so I decided it was time to move them apart.

So now I'm stuck without a dedicated room for naps..I have a large family room that we use for daycare play area but no spot to keep a pack n play set up because I dislike clutter. So my week should be interesting to see how this works out, I'm going to have to set up and take down 2 pack n plays every day because of this arrangement.
SandeeAR 07:09 AM 01-24-2011
Sounds like fun! Setting up is my favorite part of moving!
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