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Josiegirl 04:05 AM 05-09-2017
I'm making a list for a project and was wondering if I'm forgetting anything? Thanks!!

Benefits of Outdoor Play
Develops muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
Good for building fine and gross motor skills.
Good for individual or group play.
Gains self-confidence and independence.
Can help reduce illness, stress, anxiety, even ADHD symptoms.
Provides Vitamin D for better bone health, help preventing diabetes and heart disease, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Can increase a child's attention span.
Increases a child's creativity and imagination.
It offers many sensory activities, filled with textures, sounds, smells.
Offers more self-directed play.
Promotes social skills such as taking turns, communication, working together.
Increases a child's vocabulary.
Learning about nature first-hand is so much more meaningful than reading about it or watching a video.
Can improve a child's long-distance vision, according to a study done by "Optometry and Vision Science".
Promotes strong connections within families.
Cat Herder 05:00 AM 05-09-2017
* Mentally challenges providers to find creative ways to keep kids bubble wrapped, engaged AND physically active.

The regs for safe outdoor playspace have me considering moving it indoors. Isn't that what the public schools finally had to do? "Walk the court and roll your eyes, kids."
Blackcat31 06:40 AM 05-09-2017
"Children who regularly play outdoors tend to be fitter and leaner, develop stronger immune systems, play more creatively, have more active imaginations, report lower stress levels, and demonstrate greater respect for themselves and others"

Some excellent resources about benefits of outdoor play:

This article breaks down the benefits in each age category!
trix23 09:03 AM 05-09-2017
Allows a change of environment and atmosphere
Relieves boredom
Ensures that children have a variety of environments
spinnymarie 01:54 PM 05-09-2017
Children develop an appreciation of nature, an interest in life, and a strong feeling of responsibility toward the well-being of nature, natural spaces, and our earth.

(I'm pretty sure) Children that are allowed to 'play in the dirt' have less allergies later in life.

Children learn about life sciences through hands-on experience with life-cycles, plants, seasons, and animals.

Children that spend time outside have higher quality sleep.
Josiegirl 02:23 AM 05-10-2017
Thank you for the added ideas!
renodeb 07:29 PM 05-13-2017
I think they even sleep better, and are in better moods. ( just an observation)
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