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Unregistered 06:40 AM 06-05-2020
I have a family in my care that attended protests and a vigil last Sunday. We are in Minneapolis and there were hundreds of people there. All my families agreed to social distancing, and only being with groups of 20 or less to lessen chances of Coronavirus exposure. I told them they could not attend this past week due to potential exposure. While I admire their involvement in equal rights, I am concerned about potential exposure to Covid.
Whag do you think I should do moving forward? Is a week enough? I have other kids and family members here with underlying health conditions and am concerned.
Cat Herder 06:45 AM 06-05-2020
I believe exclusion is still 14 days. 7 days is only halfway through the known transmission period.
Snowmom 09:19 AM 06-05-2020
Honestly, you're lucky they even told you.

I'm close to Mpls too. I'm sure some of my families have gone too. They'd never tell me though.
If I did know, I would exclude for 14 days.
CenterTeacher20 10:05 AM 06-05-2020
I've actively engaged in protests in my city but have been wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet from people not in my group... I'd say it is up to you. Minneapolis is definitely a whole different story than my small town 4 hours away... so who knows. All of our daycare families are aware that my coworker and I have been at the protests and no one seems to have an issue. I'd say as long as they were wearing masks to the protests I'd let them come back. That's just me though. Go with your gut!
Unregistered 08:07 AM 06-09-2020
Op here. They didn't tell me. I found out accidentally on Facebook.
Cat Herder 08:17 AM 06-09-2020
I think it depends on where you are, now.

Movie theaters, bars, night clubs, summer camps, most businesses and restaurants are all open, here. So I no longer have an exclusion period for *possible* exposure barring a known exposure to someone positive currently.

I just screen for illness every morning and if I send home for fever or other signs/symptoms of COVID-19, I will simply exclude until test results are in.
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