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Unregistered 04:57 PM 02-15-2021
I haven't been able to find anything online about this so I was wondering about your guys' thoughts...

The last couple children I've had register with my daycare have been young kids who have mostly (or completely) been raised during the pandemic. This means that they've been home with either one or both parents the whole time. There has been very little opportunity (if any) for the children to be exposed to non-family members, to be supervised or babysat by anyone other than the parents, no group exposures (play groups or even seeing other children at the park) not to mention any stress or uncertainty they've been picking up from their parents who are trying to deal with this whole situation.

I've been in childcare for quite a while and have had my fair share of prolonged adjustment periods and extreme cases of separation anxiety. But lately, it's been almost overwhelming.

Out of 6 new children since lockdowns started, I haven't had a single case where it hasn't been a major struggle. I currently have a DCG who is almost 2 and is going into her second month of care and she still refuses to leave the front door after drop off and has to be pulled to the playroom, kicking and screaming only to stand in the corner hyperventilating and sobbing off and on throughout the day. Her first day of daycare was also the first time she had ever been away from her parents - she's never even been in a room in her house without at least one of them!

I do feel that a lot of this child's issues are because her parents did not set her up for success when they knew she would be attending a group care setting. Pandemic or not, this child is has absolutely not been prepared to attend care. But even though this is an extreme case, the others aren't much better off!

Even with adequate preparations, when everything is locked down and everyone is being told to stay at home I'm worried that there is now a whole group of children who have been set up for extreme discomfort as the world starts to open back up.

I have a 16 month old who had only ever been off of her property to go to her doctor's appointments (so like, 5 times?) and the one time for her initial interview with me before she was brought for care. The poor child had never been anywhere without her mom so being left here was one thing, but then being left for 10+ hours when everything else had been quick in and out visits... She must have been terrified and there was nothing anyone could do except try to comfort the crying until Mom came back.

And I just don't know what to do. For the most part my kids have started to calm down and are starting to adjust but the process has been miserable for everyone involved.

Has anyone else been experiencing the same thing? How are you coping??
Cat Herder 07:19 AM 02-16-2021
Young children don't comprehend how things have changed, it is simply their normal. I have found that they tend to follow my lead. If I am nervous, they are nervous. If I am anxious, they are anxious. If I am confident, happy and lead them to activities, they go.

It may be possible you are overthinking? Remember that old adage that if "everyone" is acting/being one way, maybe it is you and not them?

Have you been more stressed and anxious than usual? Do you feel overwhelmed? Would simplifying your routine or adjusting your expectations take pressure off?

It is a good idea to find ways to simplify during times of stress.
Pestle 01:19 PM 02-16-2021
Don't forget that there's already a window of hellish separation anxiety, pandemic or no pandemic, which affects all kids somewhat, some kids a great deal, and most kids who haven't been cared for by anybody outside of the nuclear family. Your 16mo falls within that window.

And don't forget that the crummier applications of attachment parenting--making Mom the sole provider of emotional contentment, staying in constant skin-to-skin contact while napping, interpreting every vocalization as an appeal for the breast--continue to grow in popularity through social media, so there are more and more kids who aren't adapted to community life.
grandmom 02:37 PM 02-16-2021
Oh man, I feel your pain. I had two start mid-year 2020 who were from this scenario. Both had a hard time adjusting. I'm glad to report that are all good now. Stay patient.
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