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DBug 02:25 PM 03-16-2011
I was outside with the kids today (5 outside, my own 2 SAs inside the house), when a neighbour ran over yelling "Fire!!". It didn't register til I looked up and saw grey smoke billowing up from a house about 100 feet away (we're in townhouses, and our yards are tiny). I asked him if anyone had called it in yet, and he said "I dunno!" and ran up to bang on the windows of that house and the neighbouring houses.

So, thanks to all of you for helping with my brand new emergency plan, I had my cell phone on me, actually charged and paid up, and I was able to call 911 and then hustle the kids inside while running through our evacuation plan in my head. In fact, when the neighbour ran over yelling "Fire", my 2 yo dcg started chanting "Vac-ooo-A-shun!" .

The fire trucks were very quick and the smoke stopped pretty quickly so we didn't actually have to evacuate, but the kids were on top of it! They knew the drill and were asking to go to the front door (that's our primary exit).

Anyway, just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you wonderful ladies for helping me figure out an emergency plan, prep for it and practice it. I did get a bit freaked out, but knowing exactly what we had to do if the fire had spread made a HUGE difference in my state of mind!

One of the dcds is a volunteer fire-fighter, and actually had to speed up the highway (the 400 for any Canadians who are familiar) and was on stand-by at the fire hall for this fire. They put it out soon enough and didn't need him after all ... and he STILL was able to pick up on time .
Zoe 02:40 PM 03-16-2011
Well that's wonderful that you were so prepared and that your kids knew what to do! I'm glad everyone is safe!
missnikki 02:59 PM 03-16-2011
Aw...vacooAshun...cute! Is it her dad that is the firefighter?
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