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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>It's really early, but look at this cute Easter craft!
MotherNature 07:02 AM 02-14-2014
So cute- especially for those of us with babies that struggle with holiday crafts for them.
NoMoreJuice! 07:08 AM 02-14-2014
Wow, I love love love it!! I LOVE footprint/handprint crafts...they're only little for a little while!
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butterfly 07:31 AM 02-14-2014
pinned it! Love it. Thanks for sharing!
NeedaVaca 07:48 AM 02-14-2014
That's cute! I pinned it so I will remember to do that for Easter! Thanks
kathiemarie 08:10 AM 02-14-2014
So cute.... Thanks for sharing.
CraftyMom 09:45 AM 02-14-2014
very cute!
daycarediva 09:49 AM 02-14-2014
adorable! Pinned it as well
Maria2013 10:18 AM 02-14-2014
same here, thanks for sharing
mrsnj 10:29 AM 02-14-2014
e.j. 01:53 PM 02-14-2014
Just adorable!
TwinKristi 02:54 PM 02-14-2014
I may have my Easter craft saved in my file box but I did something cute with handprints... It was a white hand print with 2 of the fingers pink to make the inside of the ears. This one is waaaay cuter! For the age group I have this year it may be harder compared to last year. LOL they're bigger and faster. I can't wait to do the St Patrick's one! I will have to find a new one for the DCB who's still here. LOL
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