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Heart2Heart 01:21 PM 09-29-2011
I am soooo excited. Just when I thought that things may not work out, I prayed hard about it. I have an appointment to call a parent tonight. I am soo nervous now I am worried about charging too much or not charging enough. My husband is already telling me that my rates are too low. I know that mom doesnt make too much and I really want to help. Any suggestions???
wdmmom 01:35 PM 09-29-2011
When I started 3 years ago, I was about 40% cheaper than what a nearby center was charging. I also undercut a lot of people in my area by $10-$25 dollars a week.

Sometimes you need to offer deals to get people in the door. ONce you've been around for awhile and your name gets around, feel free to raise your rates.
Auntie 01:42 PM 09-29-2011
You don't want to be too much cheaper than the going rate however you could offer more flexible hours to get them in the door. Too cheap sounds like you aren't professional. JMHO.
Auntie 01:44 PM 09-29-2011
once you build up your business you can trim the hours to how you like them. You don't want to be taken advantage of either. One thing I have learned or I am learning is my backbone is my friend.

Christian Mother 02:17 PM 09-29-2011
Call around your area and inquire on rates and also ck in on facilities to find out there rates. Gathering all this inform. will help you set your rates. Make sure you also ask questions to your prospective parent as for age and hrs. That will help you negotiate a good rate for care. Good luck!!!
Heart2Heart 04:15 PM 09-29-2011
Well, I made it through the phone call and scheduled a tour!! I was sooo nervous. I hope the mom actually shows up. I do feel that I am undercharging but only because I want to get word of mouth started about my child care services. I dont believe that this mom will be able to find a lower rate for the amount and quality of care that I will be providing. My hubby isnt too happy but I reminded him that he didnt begin his employment as a manager. He had to start somewhere.
laundrymom 04:46 PM 09-29-2011
Also remember no where does it say you have to charge every family the same rate. Next family, go 5-10 dollars more. :-). Congrats!!!!
Christian Mother 05:16 PM 09-29-2011
I started out that way too with my first family and I will have there newest member of the family starting in Jan. They are a wonderful family and very appreciative. You can always raise your rates after 6 mos. or next yr...If you do not charge a registration fee you can ask her to provide wipes and art supplies. Also I would think about making sure she pays you regardless whether her child is in care or not. With mine I don't have to worry much about that bc my little guy isn't sick much and for that first yr I took him even when he was sick bc it was just him and my daughter but when I took on more children my rules changed and I put together a phb. I did create a contract though.
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