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Janet 11:55 AM 06-21-2010
I'm wondering what everyone thinks of playing videos from youtube for your daycare kids? We have a few videos that we watch and I'm wondering if anyone else does this too? We watch "The Annoying Orange" every week and we look for funny animal videos and we will sometimes watch videos from Failblog (I always screen those first, because some of those epic fails are too intense for me to watch!) For those of you who do, can you suggest anything that would be funny or educational to show to my dck's?
judytrickett 11:58 AM 06-21-2010
I think it's fine as long as you preview them first.
Janet 12:03 PM 06-21-2010
As I've learned from personal experience, it's good to make sure to read the tags and to have your finger prepared to close the window just in case! We tried to watch an episode of "Franklin" and little did I know that the cartoon was dubbed over by some people and Franklin started off by saying the "F" word! Lesson tags!
Lilbutterflie 01:28 PM 06-21-2010
I think it's fine also, but definitely be ready to close the window if something inappropriate comes up!
I actually just enrolled in Netflix ($8.99/mo) and we are able to stream unlimited videos straight to the computer OR to our TV via our Wii. They have an AMAZING selection of children's videos (right now, I think they have every Thomas the Train DVD ever made!). It is great!! Well worth the 8.99/mo for both our family and for my daycare!
Daycare Mommy 01:55 PM 06-21-2010
Yep. We watch youtube too. I've got a playlist of funny animals, clips of music from kid movies, etc. I'll sometimes put it on during lunch or the last few minutes of the day.

If anyone has any suggestions of good vids for kids post the links! I'd love to add some more.

Here's my #1 suggestion, my kids LOVE this one and it is just the sweetest thing ever to hear them singing along!
kitkat 09:18 PM 06-21-2010
We do you tube every now and then. Honestly, DD learned upside down and sideways from it The kids love to watch this one (song In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle):

They also enjoy the song Lollipop and some general nursery rhyme type songs. I also found Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which we've watched a few times. We only watch things that I have pre-screened.
Daycare Mommy 04:44 AM 06-22-2010
Oops! Wrong link. This is the version my kids watch. It has more of a dance beat to it.
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