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daysofelijah 09:16 AM 07-14-2010
Hello this is my first post here, glad to have found this place!

I have had a new problem come up. I have a daycare parent who wants to pull their children out for the month of August and have her older children watch them. Normally I would give her a week of vacation and then make her pay for two days a week whether they came or not for the rest of the month.
Unfortunately with the economy how it is and so many providers doing what they can to fill spots, I would probably lose them. Of course there is no way I can fill their two spots for just a month so I do want to charge at least something. I was thinking $50/month per child to hold the spots. Does this sound reasonable?

I found something someone posted here formwise and came up with this (thank you to the provider who posted it btw!)

In order to hold my/our child(ren's) spot(s) in Amyís Day Care longer than two weeks I/we understand a non-refundable holding fee of $50 per child within five days of acceptance, which will hold a spot for my/our child(ren) for a total of 1 month, if additional time is needed I/we will pay an additional $50 per child for each additional month needed. I/we also understand that If for any reason the child fails to start when expected, the deposit will be forfeited as holding fees, as will the holding spot.

Providerís Agreement

If parents honor above agreement, Amyís Day Care will hold a spot for their child(ren) until the child(ren)ís starting date. Should circumstances arise where Amy *** is not able/willing to care for the child after all, she will refund all normally non-refundable holding fee payments.

I/we are planning on our child(ren) beginning in childcare on/in ______________ . If child does not start by above date, without discussing this with Amy **** and upon our agreement - this agreement is null and void.

The parent also said she will be taking out for the whole summer next year so this will set a precedent that they will have to pay to hold the spot next year as well if I decide to keep them. I had a teacher's child for a few years who I didn't charge for summers off, but I was able to fill the spot with a school age child for the summer so no income was lost on my part. So if for some reason I could fill the spots next summer I wouldn't charge the holding fee.

I find myself more and more frustrated with the nickle and diming I am going through. I know parents are trying to save money, but I am going to be looking for a job soon at the rate my parents are dropping days, hours and even months now!
Lilbutterflie 02:11 PM 07-19-2010
Wow, I'm surprised no one has replied to this thread!
I have a similar situation to yours, except that I am losing all 2 out of 3 of my sibling dck's for 6 weeks b/c they live with their dad in another state 6 weeks out of the year. I put up a similar post to see what everyone else would charge for holding the spot. Here's the link:
I finally decided to charge half price for them in their absence. Remember, don't make their problems your problems!
judytrickett 05:39 AM 07-20-2010
Nope, wouldn't hold it. I would tell her that unless she pays for it I will advertise to fill it. If the spot is still available in September then she can come back. If not then too bad so sad.

But, personally I wouldn't let her back in because you KNOW that next year same deal. WHY should a parent get the benefit of a guaranteed spot for their child 12 months a year but only pay for 11 months? I'm pretty sure all the OTHER parents in care are not getting that deal and would take issue with knowing they can't but another parent is.

Now, not that you would tell the other parents another family's business but you can use that when explaining it to this particular family.

I would advertise TODAY for an immediate opening and then fill it and tell the family they are out of luck.

I personally find this very disrespectful and assumptive on their part. As if it is your job to just "be there" at their beck and call when they need it.

Daycare is about paying for a SPOT - not about the days you use.

Even if you are only charging $30 a day. That is an income loss of $600 a year. Have that kid in care for 4 years and you have lost $2400!!!! Why should YOU lose that money??
Unregistered 09:22 AM 07-20-2010
I would NEVER hold a spot for a month the longest I have ever held a spot was for 2 weeks when a new child started because they had to give the other provider 2 week notice and they had to pay a 2 week non refundable depoist to so I knew I wasnt holding a spot for nothing. Tell her you will not hold a spot for a full month and her children can come back IF you have a spot open after the month is up NEVER let a parent get away with something like that or they will be asking for other favors.
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