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DancingQueen 03:27 AM 11-09-2010
I have ONE full time spot left and I have to tell everyone "no" because I don't have a big enough vehicle.
I hate this - I could really really use this income!

And I have to be able to get my daughter to and from school every day - there are no other options - I've tried.

Not to mention that other things have just come up where I NEED my vehicle during the day.

like one of my children (or my nieces) being sick at school and needing to be picked up. It has happened even as recently as last week. We all got in the car and drove to the school and the nurse walked my niece out and I dropped her off at home (she's 16). I NEED that flexibility even though it doesn't happen often.
newtodaycare22 04:36 AM 11-09-2010
Could you hire an assistant for maybe minimum wage, just to watch the kids briefly while you pick up your daughter?
juliebug 05:43 AM 11-09-2010
i feel for you, i have the same problem. me and hubby have been talking and he might take the kids to school for the 1 day i don't have enought room.
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