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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How To Tell If Daycare Is Illegal?
Frank 09:35 AM 03-15-2012
I suspect someone is running an illegal daycare in my building. I'm fairly certain that they have the right licenses, but there seem to be a very large number of children (maybe 40?) compared to adults there.

Are there any regulations on group size and oversight in NYC? Also- if there does appear to be a violation, is there a service to report it to?

Greenplasticwateringcans 10:05 AM 03-15-2012
You should be able to do a quick google search and pull up the info you need.
BigMama 10:16 AM 03-15-2012
In NYC child care centers are regulated by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. What borough are you in - I will send an appropriate contact number for where you can voice your concern.
Blackcat31 11:20 AM 03-15-2012

Maybe this will help.
Frank 12:26 PM 03-15-2012

Thanks for the help.
BigMama 01:03 PM 03-15-2012
22 Cortlandt St., 28th Fl., Box CN 68
(between Broadway & Church St.)
Tel: (212) 313-5120
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