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daycarediva 05:08 AM 10-06-2012
A former DCF is taking in a long term foster child (a relative of theirs) and is approved through DSS for payments because of the foster situation. I normally don't accept them, but would like to make an exception for this family.

Can anyone in NY tell me what the payment schedule would be, how I go about getting paid, when they pay, etc? The little guy would be 15 months when I get him in two weeks.

I would also like to add something to their contract that states that they would be required to pay the difference if state pay is less, paid days off (pretty sure the state isn't paying for those) and late pick up charges, etc. I would also like to waive the 2 week notice, since this is a foster child he could be removed anytime.

She wants me to email her a contract by tomorrow so that she can take it with her to meet with his caseworker Monday.

Thank you!!!
daycarediva 05:17 AM 10-06-2012

I think this is correct as far as payment schedule, my county is on page 15, $275 week

I normally charge $200/w for this age group.

15mo-here 7am-5pm 5 days per week.
DaycareMama 07:59 AM 10-06-2012
I know in NY it differs depending on your counties funds. I know that my county does not pay for sick days where other counties do. Also some counties offer over time where mine cut it out the year I started
I believe that payments being bi monthly are universal.

My best advice would be if you need the info before Monday to try and contact another local provider around you and ask them. I always tell my hubby I want to move one county over because they pay for everything!!!

One last thought..... I do charge my parents all the extra fees above that you mentioned. Copays, sick days, holidays, late fees, and anything else.
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